Arizona Venturing Into Vibrational Science

Mission Statement:
To provide a safe environment for the discussion of Exceptional Human Experiences (EHE), and allow sharing of individual truths with those that are like minded.

To support the ongoing research, education and understanding of the survival of consciousness after death and to allow Signs Of Love From The Other Side or After Death Communications (ADC) to be openly and freely discussed.



The Tucson NDE / Paranormal Discussion Group
Every 3rd Wednesday of the month
Catalina United Methodist Church
2700 E. Speedway
, 85716
6:30 PM to 9PM

Located between Tucson Blvd and Country Club on the South side of Speedway Blvd.  Parking is on the East side of the church – enter the East gate and go down stairs to Rm H31.



NDE/Paranormal Discussion Panels- A panel of Near Death Experiencers will come to your group, class or organization and share their actual and personal NDE experience. Our panel has visited the Death and Loss classes at the University of Arizona as well as the Psychology of Death and Loss at Pima College. The interaction and sharing with the students has proven to be not only educational but in some cases life changing. There is a variety of Panels available, including but not limited to NDEs, the Paranormal, Energy Healing and Professionals in these fields.  If you are interested in having a panel of Experiencers/Professionals share with your group please contact us.

Contact Information:
Linda Reed

Phone: (520) 869- 7618

We meet at Chopped on Speedway (2829 E. Speedway across from the Catalina United Methodist Church on the North Side of Speedway) at 5PM for a bite to eat and socializing before the meeting. You do not need to have had an NDE or a Paranormal Experience to attend our discussion groups. Everybody is welcome.




December 21, 2011 – Will be OPEN FORUM – Everybody is welcome-

Topic for discussion will be:What do people that have experienced a NDE expect to occur when they crossover – Vs – Those that have lost a loved one and have experienced After Death Communications, whether it be through a Medium or their own experiences, expect when they crossover. What were their thoughts of death before and since their experiences.-

The Tucson NDE/Paranormal Discussion Group

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: Catalina United Methodist Church 2700 E Speedway
Everybody is welcome to share.

You do not need to have had a NDE to attend.

“You can never forget the people who change your life. You become a different person, and everything you do is slightly altered by what they taught you.”
—Ryanna Porter

Hope to see you there.